A Guide for buying Art Tools and Art Supplies

Being an artist is not only difficult but also a bit expensive. It is difficult for the reason that you need to have a natural talent for art and if you don’t have this talent then no school or private coaching classes can teach you art. Schools of arts are meant to polish your natural ability and talent for arts. Moreover, if you have the talent then you should be prepared to buy a huge lot of art supplies. A good art supply means a better painting; if you cannot afford them then it does not mean that you should stop painting.

There is a wide range of art supplies available in market. All of these supplies come with different price range and quality. You can always choose the best items that you can afford and the ones that best meet your requirements within you budget. There are many art supply items that can help you in producing a better painting but there are certain basic items that you must have. They are given below

1.      Brush There is a variety of brushes available in market and each of them have there own purposes and needs. When you go to buy your supply of brushes, you will realize that the art suppliers offer you brush with natural or synthetic hair. The type of painting in which you are interested will help you in making the decision of which brush to buy.

2.      Palette: When choosing a palette make sure that you buy one that offers a fair amount of space. You can use this space to mix different colors more easily. Also, try to choose a palette that offers you a slope along one side. This slope is very helpful in separating the clean paint colors from the dirty paints. Do not squeeze too much paint on the palette as it will only result in wastage of your art supplies

3.      Sketchbook: There are often times in the life of painter when an idea for a painting just pops up. In this case, it is always helpful to carry a sketchbook. Use this sketchbook to immediately note down your ideas and if you are carrying a small painting kit with you then you can use the colors to capture the actual feeling of your idea on the sketchbook.

4.      Pastels: You can use pastels to add a unique touch to your painting but make sure that you use them before the watercolors otherwise the result will not be what you desired.

5.      Water Color paper: Watercolor papers are an integral part of painting. There are hundreds of watercolor papers available in market. You can use them for quick demonstrations, sketches and even wash them to give a wet look to your painting.

6.      Paint: There is a wide variety of paint colors available in market which you can buy according to your needs.

7.      Water Spray: These are the cheapest of all the art supplies. They are helpful for a quick light spray over the wet ink.